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On the occasion of the exit de Divine knockout le 6 December last and because it's soon Holidays, we make you earn 600 keys to can tests new game from the editor of SMITE. This multiplayer 3d brawler, revisits the games de combat, by offering clashes divine et nervous. With its 3rd person view in 3D, dive directly to the heart de the action. 

 Compete Hercules wielding the saber Susanoo while avoiding lightning Thor. Cross the different arenas de combat et game mode. You will be able control 10 different Gods and many more are to come. 


Divine Knockout is a nervous multiplayer game.

Divine Knock get out differentiates of other games de combats. Right here to d鈥檌nterminable combo to learn for exploit la single frame de answer left by the opponent. Thanks to the 3D all is question de positioning and timing combat. 

This title, excellent for party game evenings with friends, will offer you several game modes as l鈥檃rcade 3c3 in several rounds with a new arena per round. You don't even have no need from you worry on which platforms you go play with your friends.The game is cross platform. If you have the soul of a tryharder born, this game is also for you with a competitive format which offers duels en 1v1 and 2v2, so you can let your skills.


How to get a free key?

To to receive a key, just click below  and indicate which plateforme (PC Epic Games, PS5,XBOX) that interests you. You will receive a key with the queues. Warning, you can not ask thatun seul copy, so choose well on which platform you want to play.

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