Alien parasite on yourself, what to do in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Alien parasite on yourself, what to do in Fortnite? A novelty has arrived in Fortnite with season 7: aliens can cling to you and inflict damage on you!

If when you play season 7 of Fortnite, an alien falls on you, don't panic! Even if you will lose some life points, it is very easy to get rid of it, unless you want to lose 40 life points. There are different techniques to remove this alien from your head. : go into water, go into fire, turn yourself into an object or potentially have an ally shoot him.

This alien can arrive on you completely randomly and without warning. There is a low chance of this happening, but it allows Epic Games to remind you that the aliens are very present this season. So if you care about your life points, don't forget to rush into water or fire, especially since with an alien on you, you go faster.

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What to do with an alien on you in Fortnite?

As you may have read, the alien, when it clings to your head, will cause you to lose life points, while allowing you to run faster and jump higher. You have to take advantage of it to quickly reach water or fire so that it drowns or burns. If you are in a team, try to have it eliminated by one of your allies!

HYPEX - Fortnite Leaks on Twitter Here's how to get rid of Alien Parasites that stick to you: "Detach and ignore you for a few seconds if you touch fire, water, or enter a prop"Also other text related to them: "An Alien Parasite has attached to you! Enjoy enhanced mobility in exchange for some health!"— HYPEX - Fortnite Leaks (@HYPEX) June 8, 2021 HYPEX - Fortnite Leaks Twitter

In all, you will lose 40 life points if you do nothing.

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