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My Cafe is a game that has different cafeteria and restaurant recipes, making your business multifunctional and innovative. In this incredible business simulator, you can get service customers of all kinds, who will be more demanding as you progress through the game. When you advance in level in My café, you unlock plots, tools, and all the necessary equipment to be able to make more recipes. However, you must bear in mind that in this game it is extremely necessary to save before advancing the level, since the realization of new recipes is very expensive.

Many times this kind of scenarios happen to players who start in the game, they realize that as they advance in level it costs them too much to make the new recipes requested by the service's clients due to the fact that they do not know how to manage their inventory, making that its closing is negative at the end of the day. In this article, we are going to talk a bit about one of the most essential recipes in My Cafe, the American with honey. 

Americano with Honey My Café

How to prepare Americano with honey at My Café?

This magnificent recipe has different types of ingredients that are very expensive: American coffee, honey, and chocolate syrup. In order to make this kind of recipes, we must reach level one, where we will unlock a new coffee maker for our business. The key in this game is to improve in a prudent way, understanding that it is a very realistic business simulator and that savings are one of the essential parts so that our restaurant can continue to thrive.

In most cases, we must intermix ingredients to be able to locate a new recipe in the game, those that are already programmed in a segregated way, only it is a way of feeling that you are creating with a combination of ingredients to capture your clientele . join to my coffee and try all kinds of free recipes and drinks. 

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