Any and all Brookhaven Commandos

Any and all Brookhaven Commandos

Welcome! Today is your lucky day, we will give you each and every Brookhaven command. Being one of the most popular games on the platform Roblox, obviously there must be certain commands in order to have a better experience on the platform. Now we will give you ALL.

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All Brookhaven Commandos

All Commands for Brookhaven

The commands for brookhaven are:

/e flirt: Flirt with others/ e no: Denies something
/ e wave: Say hello/ e confused: Confuse
/ e drink: Drink/ e clap: Clap your hands
/ e smokebomb: Throw a smoke bomb/ e chok: The avatar is drowning
/ e bringit: Make a gesture/ e chestpuff: Open a chest
/ e wary: tiptoe/ e cheer: Cheer on other players
/ e cry: Cry/ e excited: Jumping with emotion.
/ e sleep: Sleep/ e watch: Look around
/e dance3: Add another dance style/e cell: Make a call
/ e dance2: Dance differently/ e bow: Make a bow with your hands
/ e dance: Dance/ e blowkiss: Blow
/ e laugh: Smile/e beg: Beg for your life
/ e cheer: Anima/ e thumbsup: Likes with your thumb.
/ e point: Aim/ e shake: Shaken
/ e laugh: laugh/e evillaugh: Laugh heartlessly.
/ e rude: Bad mannered/e pickup: Pick up something/e search: Search
/e observe: Inform the rest so that they observe/ e read: Read
/ e picture: A photo is taken/ e strong: Show your muscles
/e pose: Gets into an enthusiastic pose/ e flex: Do push-ups
/ e eat: Eat/ e fistpound: Raise your fist
/ e rest: Rest/ e head: Take his head
Brookhaven Command

How to use Brookhaven commands?

Before we begin, we want to tell you that using the commands in any game is essential, but that it is not easy to start with. It's all about practice, as you progress you acquire the skills to be able to use them naturally.

The skill is acquired by spending a few days or maybe a few hours. Stop worrying, try it as many times as necessary until you master the technique and manage to function like a professional.

That said, we will explain a little how to use them:

  • Go to chat when opening your game
  • By clicking on the message icon you can go directly and type “Shift + /”
  • After a box is displayed, enter the “/” symbol and all the command you have chosen.

What must happen? Since, very simple appears the action of the requested command. To serve as an example, if you enter: /e rest, your avatar will go to rest, and thus the actions change as you enter the commands.

It is also possible to enter through the emote, in such a case press “/e” and then leave a space putting the name of the emote.

On this website we invite you to execute the actions one by one, and see what it is capable of. If you want, take note and put it in a noticeable place so that you don't miss out on the experience that the commands offer you.

Remember that you can play without commands and you will still be active in the game, but using them can open many doors and prevent you from simply getting annoyed. Test it! And tell us about your experience.

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