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Everyone loves every Friday, especially if they know they can spend hours and hours in front of the screen playing nonstop. The weekend has come, what is known in Roblox and that is why it has Funky Friday, one of the titles that has caused the best sensations in recent days.

And in order to make everything considerably more enjoyable, you can't miss all Funky Friday codes from Roblox we have for you.

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All Funky Friday Roblox Codes

What is Funky Friday?

Funky Friday is a Roblox game which has a competitive character and in which you will be able to put together a celebration every Friday. That's right, entertainment will not be lacking here, whether you are alone or want to invite your friends. Music, karaoke, dances, food, whatever you need to have a great time.

Of course, as in any celebration, you need money so that everyone is happy. If you want to feel like in a game room with others at home, we have the help you are looking for.

New Funky Friday codes

These codes let you get free bonuses, and they have been activated for the first time not long ago. Be sure to try them to win the following:

  • 100kactive – two hundred and fifty points
  • smashthatlikebutton – three hundred points
  • 1MILFAVS - Redeem for the Boombox Animation
  • 19USD - RickRoll animation
  • MILLION LIKES - The Radio Emote
  • halfbillion – five hundred points
  • 250M – two hundred and fifty points
  • 100M – five hundred points

How to exchange Funky Friday codes

Everything is as easy as open Funky Friday and click on the Twitter button, located on the left side of your screen. When a new window opens, you will see a box where you must enter the code of your choice. Click on the redeem button and voila, you will have access to your bonus.

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