Banana Eats Codes

Roblox day after day he surprises more with the games he brings out, and they are absolutely special, but no less enjoyable for that. One of the clearest examples is Banana Eats, a game that is somewhat strange, but quite popular. If you want to get advantages at the time of playing, do not miss all Banana Eats codes. These tricks will help you get cool rewards, so pay attention.

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All Banana Eats Roblox Codes

What is Banana Eats Roblox?

Banana Eats is a Roblox platform game that focuses on a planet where there is a killer banana. That's right, it's an unusual idea, but one that users have liked a lot. In the game you receive resources that you must use to prosper in your character.

There are also new outfits, curios, collectibles, among many others. You can collect money little by little in the game, pay with real money or use certain tricks at no cost to win everything faster.

New Banana Eats codes

Banana Eats is a game that hasn't updated codes very often, so we only have one recent cheat:

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY - gives you the birthday banana skin

Banana Eats Old Codes

The best thing you can do is try the tricks that were released the moment this game was released on the market. You're going to have dozens of options to use and get rewards. Now, we give you that perhaps not all of them will work, in view of the updates that the game has received, but do not stop trying them:

  • 200MILLION - banana Skin
  • LUCKYBEACON - Beacon skin
  • 100MILLION - Free Beacon
  • BOONANAEATS - Peel-O-Lantern trap
  • MORECOINS - free coins
  • FREECOINS – one hundred coins
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE - Sparkle Teal Beacon
  • DIPPING INTO INSANITY - Free Dipped Banana Beacon
  • NEWMAPSOOON – free packaged peanut beacon
  • SNOWDAYS - free snowman
  • QUARTERBILLION - lighthouse skin
  • LUCKYPEEL - Lucky Peel Skin
  • CHOCOLATE - white chocolate skin
  • SPARECHANGE – fifty coins
  • 15K FOLLOWERS - Blue Moldy Banana
  • FANCY PANCAKE - Waffle Beacon
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR - Code Purple Beacon
  • THEGOLDENPEELS - free gold look
  • BANANA ISHERE - Party Peely Skin free
  • BIGUPDATES2021 - Free Skin Peel
  • BUG OFF - free coins

How to exchange Banana Eats codes

To benefit from the Banana Eats cheats, you just have to start the game and access the lobby. There you will see a codes button at the bottom of the screen, on which you must click. When a new window opens, enter the code, press enter and this is enough.

We clarify that in order for the code to work you must always enter it from the lobby, never when you are playing.

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