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dragonflight is in its first competitive season, which includes the first dungeon and arena season, but also the opening of the Caveau des incarnations. And as with previous expansions, Warcraft logs offers a classification of best DPS.

Ce Ranking is carried out every week and has a few particularities: the DPS compared are those of players with parses greater than or equal to 95% and in Heroic the first week. Here are the results.


WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Week 1 Best DPS Vault of Embodiments

Before even presenting the results, it is important to mention a few points of precaution:

  • These graphics compare the top 5% parses of the game. They are therefore drawn from the performance of very good players. The results you will see in your raids are likely to be very different, the performance of all-comers being much more variable.
  • For this week, these results are taken from the Heroic difficulty. The clashes being easier than in mythic, certain classes can outperform compared to mythic.
  • These graphics are not enough to definitively tell if a class is too weak or too strong, by especially the classes in the middle of the table.

Now that those precautions have been put in place, here are this week's results: 

First of all, note that the vast majority of classes are very close to each other.Don't exclude any player using this graph as justification!

This graph is produced by selecting the 95th percentile, in Heroic and taking into account all damage done, which can encourage gaining DPS by tapping on non-priority adds. It may also be interesting to look only the damage inflicted on the boss.

By displaying only the damage inflicted on the boss, we can compare this graph and the previous one and have much more useful information, in particular concerning strengths and weaknesses of each specialization. We can better see which specialization is strong when there are several adds and which is weaker.

The best specializations in the raid are therefore the following:

  • All the specs of Voleur
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Arcane Mage
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • precision hunter

Le Windwalker Monk is a very special case, being one of the most powerful classes in the raid but suffering a lot when there is only one target.

The rest of the classes are quite tight, with in particular the Demonology Warlock which suffers as soon as there is cleave but which is still as effective for the single target.

We can also note a surprising presence of Paladin Retribution as soon as you need to cleave despite some difficulties in single target.

Finally, note the difficulty of specializations Arcane and Fire of the Mage, Shadow Priest and Warrior Weapons which must receive buffs from Blizzard to be competitive.

If you are interested in other statistics, you can look at the statistics concerning all players and not just parses them at 95%. Visit the warcraftlogs site for this and choose “All percentiles” instead of “95th Percentile”. This option will show you a diagram that looks like this:

Here you can see box charts for each specialization to compare the DPS result of each specialization according to the performance of the players, from the lowest parses to the highest parses.


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