Best Items to Craft with Sparks of Ingenuity in WoW Dragonflight

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La Season 1 de WoW Dragon Flight came out this week. Many players wonder how to get a gear lead over others. One of the ways is to collect some important trade items, using in particular the Sparks of Ingenuity.

The Sparks ingenuity are however extremely rare materials and you should use them sparingly, at least at the start of the season. A few weeks later, you can use them with a little less distinction.


What are the best items to craft with Sparks of Ingenuity?

Before the start of season 1, he was very not recommended to use your Sparks of Ingenuity. Now that the season has started, you can be a little freer and begin to shape yourselves objects with sparks.

One of bespoke of these objects is that they carry unique upgrades, which you can only have twice. So you can only have two objects of this type. Also note that all the items mentioned can be crafted at low ilvl and then improved with re-crafting.

Here is the list of the four types of objects that we advise you to make with your Sparks of Ingenuity:

  • A weapon. Depending on the class, a right-handed weapon or your two-handed weapon is an excellent choice. You will have a weapon to improve as you discover it which will serve you for a long time, before being replaced by your BiS.
  • The Elemental Ring. This of is surely the best neck in the game right now, being BiS or almost for 34 specializations. Picking the latter might slow you down a bit at first compared to players who crafted a weapon, but you'll keep it no matter what all patch.
  • An alchemist's jewel. This advice applies more to healers, but a jewel can be a very interesting choice.
  • A piece of embellished armor. These armor pieces have secondary effects, such as Elemental Ring, and you can only wear two but their effects are very interesting.

In the end, your best choice for the moment is surely a arme or Elemental rush.

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