Brownie with Salt My Café

My Cafe is a completely free game developed for mobile devices, where we enter a simulator to have our food business, essentially a restaurant or a cafeteria where we will develop recipes that will help us grow our business. 

My Cafe It has a lot of recipes that we are going to unlock as our business advances in level, for this we must save the profits that we are acquiring in order to acquire new machinery, tools, and kitchen equipment that will be necessary to complement the recipe book. Today we are going to explain the best cake level II recipes, the brownie with salt. 

Brownie with Salt My Café

How to prepare brownie with salt in My Café

The cakes at level two are desserts that we will be able to unlock from level one, starting with the caramel tiramisu, most of these recipes have caramel syrup or vanilla essence, which gives a special touch to this class of desserts. In the case of the brownie with salt, in the game My Café we will need the following ingredients: Chocolate cake, hazelnut, sea salt and caramel syrup.

In order for us to have the recipe for brownie with salt in My cafĂ© we must reach level two, spend a good time playing the game and keep your administrative system in order to be able to reach this essential part. Many customers of the service will want to try the brownie with salt and it is essential to have all the necessary equipment for this. 

Brownies are physically very solid biscuits with a brown color, since they are mostly prepared with a chocolate base as a traditional recipe for Americans. Despite being somewhat thick, it does not mean that they are not fluffy, which is why it is an absolutely essential sweet in the recipe book of My Cafe. Continue our quality content so you can find out about each and every one of the recipes for this magnificent virtual entrepreneurship game. 

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