Brumaltine Diablo Immortal, when is the Christmas event?

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Diablo Immortal continues content updates with the 1.7 Terror's Tide, the Surge of Terror. This new patch brings a lot of new things, whether it's balancing, new modes, new gems and a new area.

The Surge of Terror, or Terror's Tide, is one of Diablo Immortal's biggest content updates since its release in June 2022. Here is the overview of the new event: Brumaltine, available for the holiday season.


Brumaltine, all information about the Diablo Immortal event

Brumaltine is a temporary event of Diablo Immortal which is available for the holiday season, from December 14 to January 3 at 03 a.m.. Lots of goals and rewards will be offered during this time.

This event takes place in all Sanctuary. You will have to go back to Ouestmarche to be able to open your Gifts. Because yes, in addition to Additional daily tasks for more rewards, you will find at the foot of the Sapin de Brumaltine north of Westmarch, various gifts! Here is the list :

  • 17 December : Cadeau de Brumaltine.
  • 18 December : A Legendary Mystery Gift, 3 Rare Emblems, 1 Captivating Dust.
  • 24 December : Brumaltine's Good Wishes Emote, 2 Captivating Dust, 45 Reinforced Salvage Materials.
  • 25 December : Tenacious cold portrait, legendary mystery, 2 captivating dusts.
  • 31 December : Cadeau de Brumaltine.
  • 1 janvier : 1 Ley Pearl, Legendary Mystery Gift, 2 Captivating Dust.

Finally, you can send Greeting cards to your fellow players. You will have random gems, the more cards you send, the more you receive from cards.

So log in to the game to discover your gifts and if any cards are waiting for you!

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