Cacophonous Thunderscale in Wow Dragonflight, where to find it?

World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO is now available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension. 

The business have received changes major for this new extension in order to put them back on the front of the stage. In addition to having a redesigned interface, la philosophy even and the operation professions in Dragonflight have been redesigned. 


Best place to farm for Cacophonous Thunderscale

Cacophonous Thunderscale is a component used by all leatherworkers. You'll mostly find it on Thunderspine Rumblers in the Plains of Ohn'ahra.

Tips to know 

À dragonflight to facilitate your harvest and increase your yield, do not hesitate to collect all the Dracoglyphs before starting. You find the location of 48 Dracoglyphs scattered throughout the Dragon Islands.

Plaines d'Ohn'ahra

Nearly Maruukaï There will be a large gathering of Thunderspine Rumblers that will drop Cacophonous Thunderscales for you at a fairly low rate. You will also harvest mostly Adamantine Scales for which a harvest guide is also available.

We advise you to use only this farm point.

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