Callisto Protocol update of December 15, 2022, what does patch 1.08 bring?

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The Callisto Protocol is a next-gen survival horror game designed by Glen Schofield. The Callisto Protocol takes place in the year 2320 on Callisto, the dead moon of Jupiter where you play as Jacob Lee, an inmate of the Black Iron prison who finds himself confronted with a mysterious epidemic

The game has been available since December 2, 2022 on consoles and PC. The game has received mixed reviews since it is the victim of a few technical issues that taint the gaming experience. The update of the December 15, 2022 and patch 1.08 seems to correct many of these problems.


Patch note 1.08 of December 15, 2022 on The Callisto Protocol

The additions of update 1.08 on The Callisto Protocol mainly concern the resolution of bugs, technical problem on the game and a general improvement of the quality of life on the game.

  • Added faster healing animations.
  • Added faster weapon switches and reloads.
  • Game death animations are now ignored
  • Combat improvements
  • Various localization optimizations
  • PS4 trophies are now synced via PSN
  • Fixed bugs related to ray-tracing
  • Fixes for stuttering issues
  • Fixed crash issues
  • Fixed a random FPS drop issue
  • Improved overall game performance
  • Added general stability fixes
  • Other minor fixes

A new update is available for all platforms. Look for combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes. We’re listening and grateful for your feedback. More to come.

— The Callisto Protocol (@CallistoTheGame) December 15, 2022

After patch 1.05 and patch 1.06, The Callisto Protocol developers are still actively working on resolving numerous bugs and technical issues affecting the game in order to provide a decent gaming experience for players. If you are interested in the game, you can consult our article to know the actors and actresses who participated in the casting.

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