Cape of Valor and Conquest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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dragonflight is the new and 9ᵉ extension of World of Warcraft, it takes place on the Dragon Islands where a new threat that we thought eliminated forever resurfaced!

Again Affixes, a brand new Raid, a season of Competitive PvP and the opening of mythical+. This is what awaits us at the opening of the first season of dragonflight !


What will be the maximum Valor and Conquest obtainable at the release of the first season of Dragonflight? 

With the release of the first season of Dragonflight comes Valor Points allowing you to improve your equipment obtained in Mythic+ dungeons as well as Conquest Points allowing you to buy PvP equipment pieces up to 424 Ilvl.

  • The weekly Conquest cap will start at 1350 and increase by 550 with each passing week.
  • The weekly Valor cap will start at 1500 and increase by 750 with each passing week.

The cap will increase every week to allow players to catch up in case they want to equip another character quickly.

A user on the forum replies in particular that thanks to this course of Valor, this will allow players to buy their weapons in two weeks. These points will also allow you, thanks to the Inspiration Catalyst which will be available six weeks after the launch of the raid, to create your class set without obtaining it by fighting in the Vault of the Incarnation.

You will therefore be able from December 14, dragonflight season one release date, obtain equipment in Raid Vault of Incarnations, in Mythic+ dungeons or in rated PvP. A summary table of the ilvl you can get through all these activities is available.

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