Cerulean hedgehog fish in WoW Dragonflight, where to get it?

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, was released this week. There are still many questions about this game, and today we will try to help you find the different fish that roam the waters of the Islands.

Le Cerulean hedgehogfish is a component that is necessary for many of the recipes of the kitchen of the Dragon Islands. You will need to have learned the trade of fishing.


Where to find Cerulean Hedgehogfish in WoW Dragonflight?

Scarcity :

The Cerulean hedgehogfish are considered common fish that are found all over the Dragon Islands, so you're going to fish it a lot.

Type of water:

This fish is only in salt water. You must then go to the ribs to be able to find it. You may also have a higher chance of finding Banks that appear randomly on the map.


Le Cerulean hedgehogfish is widely used in cooking recipes allowing to increase the secondary characteristics such as Thousand-edge tongue cutter, Great Cerulean Sea,  Country picnic or salt crusted fish.

This fish will then be one of the fish you will have to catch the most, especially if you are part of a guild that asks its participants to help with consumption.

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