Chocolate Flavor My Café

My Cafe It is a very casual game, in which users must face their business with the different workers that the platform gives you. As you progress through the game you will have staff to serve customers of the service, advise you on your decoration, and your objective will be to take care of the administrative part. The best part of this game is to create different recipes for our customers of the service, which will make our profits increase significantly in our business.

For this reason, it is necessary that we show you one of the chocolates most sought after by the clients of the service in this match, we are going to explain the precise ingredients to make the Aroma Chocolate in My Cafe

Chocolate Flavor My Café

Chocolate aroma in My Café

Most of the chocolates can be made from level one, so we are going to have a short time in the game and we are going to know certain basic aspects of My café. The Aroma Chocolate is among the middle positions of the classification, because we are going to be able to count on it from level one, the ingredients that we will need to be able to have the Aroma Chocolate are: cinnamon, vanilla syrup, hazelnut syrup, hot chocolate and grated chocolate. With this composition we are going to be able to combine a series of aromas that give our new genre of hot chocolate its name, when you reach level one it is very possible that this is one of the orders that our customers most require from the service.

Remember that before passing the level in My Cafe, you must make certain savings to be able to count on each and every one of the ingredients of the new recipe, so that your business can go well, it is necessary to maintain the accounts well administratively and thus you will be able to cover the demand for aroma chocolates.

Join my coffee and try the different genres of hot chocolate from level one and as you progress through the game. These kinds of recipes are essential for a cafeteria party and will sell a lot. 

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