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Playstation and Nintendo have, over the years, built up a large library of great games for their customers to discover. With amazing classics and platform exclusives, only digital marketplaces like Eneba offer such a collection of games, gift cards and various subscriptions in one place and at a lower cost. With plenty to choose from, it's never too late to build an even bigger and better collection of games for your PS4 or Nintendo Switch. So select your favorite games and start playing!

Why are second-hand marketplaces ideal for buying games and consoles?

Although not all used items are sold intact, second-hand marketplaces are full of consoles in good condition, with prices well below those of new products. Depending on the seller, used consoles may offer additional games and hardware to suit your needs. In addition, second-hand consoles get a second chance and are therefore a sustainable and ecological choice. If it saves you money and allows you to explore a new platform and its games, then why not give it a try?

Nintendo is a brand that builds its products to last, that's why you don't have to worry by getting yourself a Nintendo Switch d'occasion. The Nintendo Switch comes with a ton of amazing games, while the addition of new games keeps on increasing. It's compact and convenient to carry wherever you go, so you'll always find something to do on the go.

The best games for the PS4

The Playstation 4 is a cheaper alternative to experience many games, old and new, making it a more economical choice than newer PlayStation releases like the PS5. Despite approaching a decade since its release, the PS4 still enjoys support, and new games have been added for the loyal user base. The best ps4 games can be purchased in several ways: by taking advantage of offers on marketplaces or through PlayStation. While gift cards and subscriptions each have unique benefits that can help you with your choices, you can also acquire each game separately, which is best during sales.

There are plenty of different genres on PlayStation 4 to suit everyone's needs, with plenty of stories, action, and less popular choices, like platformers, puzzles, and horror. In this long list of genres, you might find great games like Spider-Man, Bloodborne, Stray, and Death Stranding. And let's not forget that the PlayStation 4 is still home to the newest and most anticipated games from the community: God of War: Ragnar枚k and Hogwarts Legacy. So don't be discouraged from getting yourself a PS4, as it still offers a great experience.

Everything you can find on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been around for years now, and time has allowed it to amass a unique and enticing library of video games. While subscriptions like Nintendo Switch Online make it easier to access certain games, they are certainly not essential to finding and enjoying the best Nintendo Switch games

You might enjoy the latest releases on NS, which continue to revamp or expand the classic series. Recent games on NS include Pok茅mon Scarlet and Violet, Splatoon 3, and Sonic Frontiers. Although some multiplayer games like Mario Kart 8 or the Animal Crossing series require an online subscription in order to play with other players, you're sure to find something to enjoy with your NS because it offers so much.

By visiting digital marketplaces like Eneba, you will find a ton of fantastic options for yourself or a loved one. Between PlayStation's incredible exclusives and perks for its consoles and Nintendo's selection of amazing classics, you'll find plenty of great options. Discover new games without fear, without worrying about high prices, and let yourself be tempted by a new and fascinating experience.

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