Christmas tree on Animal Crossing, how to get it?

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Animal Crossing is a license that has been declined in several successful games including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but also derivative products such as stuffed animals, controllers, a manga or even amiibos.

Christmas is finally here! It's up to you to decorate your island with the beautiful snow that covers your territory, you can also acquire objects and blueprints unique to this time of year.


How to get a Christmas tree in Animal Crossing? 

In order to get a Christmas tree on Animal Crossing, you will have to harvest branches from Cypress that is on your island, only those that are decorated. The event will be available from December 15, 2022 until January 6, 2023.

You will also find Christmas balls in these famous trees, they can be golden, red or blue. Attention this event is not accessible by using the technique of " Time Travel ┬╗ you will therefore have to take advantage of the short time of the event in order to obtain your Cypress.

Happy holidays, everyone! The day of the gifts is fast approaching... We installed the festive tree in the square yesterday, and the cedars have been decorated all over the island. Feel free to shake a few to collect decorations and tinker with them!

ÔÇö Marie FR (@AC_Marie_FR) December 16, 2022

Here! You can now decorate your island as you wish with the theme of the end of the year celebrations. As Marie explains on Twitter, do not hesitate to shake your trees to find new decorations for your island.

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