Coalition Vaults in Dragon City

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First of all you have to know what coalitions are in 芦Dragon City鈥淐oalitions are clans where multiple players come together to support each other, to play with different people, and to work together on events. In a coalition, if any member acquires a bundle of gems, each one of the members of the clan will receive a small part of such a bundle as a gift, this is due to the new function that SocialPoint integrated in 芦Dragon City芦.

It does not mean that they will deduct a part of our gems, only that for each bundle purchased our colleagues will receive a small detail of it.

Coalition Vaults in Dragon City

How to Open Coalition Chests in Dragon City

Every Friday the coalition chests are free and between the work of each and every one of the team members the chest will be improved, depending on its level we will get greater rewards. At the beginning of the release of the chests they gave us orbs of the primordial dragons in the first levels, in our days they give us from gold to dragons in the last levels of the chest.

The points to improve the chest to level two are only achieved by winning battles in the arena (pvp), that is, the more battles we win, the more points we will get, for each victory they will give us two points, which will be added immediately to the chest of the coalition and will show in the table the contribution that we have made. To progress the chest to level three we must collect gold and food from the farms, if it is little the points will be the same and we will be able to observe in the contribution table.

As we continue to progress in Dragon City and in cases of different chests, the collection of points will also change, whether it is crossing dragons, hatching eggs, leveling up dragons, playing in the leagues, among others. Not always and at all times the coalition chests bring exactly the same rewards as the previous one and for this reason, if we have the opportunity to get a unique dragon in the last levels we do not lose anything by trying to win it together with our entire team.

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