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Ro-Ghoul is one of the sets Roblox not capable for sensitive, and it is that it imitates the original series really well. Here you can do everything using your powers, and for this reason it has become one of the most acclaimed installments on the entire platform.

If you want to make the games more interesting, don't miss all the Ro-Ghoul codes.

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All Codes for Ro-Ghoul Roblox

What is Ro-Ghoul?

Ro-Ghoul is a game for Roblox video consoles that, if you've never played it, you're sure to find it interesting just because of its name. Also you probably guessed that It is based on the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul.. You will have masks, inhospitable places, powers and factions to choose from.

It is practically a recreation of the original series, but taken to the planet of Roblox.

New Ro-Ghoul Codes

This is the last list of codes to use:

  • ! TrafMask
  • ! Code HNY2020
  • ! Code Sub2袣芯袩邪薪写邪
  • ! Code Sub2EDITTY
  • ! Code Sub22KMz
  • !Code uno FAVS
  • ! Code 500MV
  • ! Code Sub2Tokiitou
  • ! Code Sub2Axiore
  • ! Code Sub2GoldenOwl

Old Ro-Ghoul Codes

Be sure to try these options that are also interesting:

  • ! Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato
  • ! Code Sub2Roball
  • ! Code Sub2Sky1Ms
  • ! ibemask
  • ! Roziku
  • ! Code Sub2ibemaine
  • ! Code Sub2Praveen
  • ! Code Sub2Sagee4
  • ! Code Sub2xAomSakarin
  • ! RoballMask

How to exchange Ro-Ghoul codes

The first thing you have to know is that the rewards are random, so the advantages may change every time you use a cheat. It is also essential to clarify that the The procedure to exchange the codes is different from the rest of the games.

Normally you have to click on the Twitter button, but this is not the case in Ro-Ghoul. Really, you only have to open the chat of the game with which you communicate with your friends, but instead of chatting just write the trick you want. Press enter and that's it.

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