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Dragon City禄 is a game that contains an enormous plurality of dragons to collect as well as an extensive plurality of combinations to achieve as we wish, eliminating the methods of purchases and gifts.

Each of the dragons contains different combinations to get it, although unfortunately not always and at all times it is a hundred percent chance, this brings a lot of luck and a series of successive attempts to get it out, maybe we have it on the first try or who knows maybe I can play the fifth.

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Combinations in Dragon City

The best combinations in Dragon City

Dragons in Dragon City are divided into classes: Legendary, Epic, Extremely Rare, Rare, Common, Ancient, and Breeding Sanctuary. Here we are going to leave you one of the most powerful dragons of each class and the most convenient combinations with the highest percentage of probability of obtaining them.

legend class

For the legendary history class in Dragon City, the combinations that we are going to be able to find are very powerful. In addition to this, they offer a great synergy between the two dragons allowing them to deal more damage and effects in battle. Possible combinations with AIR DRAGON are:

  • Pure Earth Dragon + Pure Dark Dragon.
  • Crystal Dragon + Pure Dragon.
  • Pure nature dragon + pure electric dragon.
  • Pure Fire Dragon + Pure Dragon.
  • Speculum Dragon + Pure Dragon.
  • Pure nature dragon + pure metal dragon.
  • Pure Ice Dragon + Pure Dragon.

epic class

In the epic class, the combination is made with the Double Primary Dragon. There are certain combinations that help to achieve a huge performance in battle. Some of them are:

  • Destiny Dragon + Primary Dragon.
  • Breaker Dragon + Nautical Dragon.
  • Handsome Dragon + Primary Dragon.
  • Primary Dragon + Primary Dragon.

very rare class

The rare class Dragon City includes a very special dragon named Tesla. This character is one of the most powerful in the game and in addition to this, it allows you to combine with other dragons in order to achieve more effective battle effects. The combinations that we will find are:

  • War Dragon + Photon Dragon.
  • Electric Dragon + War Dragon.
  • Electric Dragon + Giant Dragon.
  • Giant Dragon + Sky Dragon.
  • Electric Dragon + Leviathan Dragon.
  • Electric Dragon + Mastodon Dragon.
  • War Dragon + Bubblegum Dragon.

rare class

Within the strange class, the most used dragon is the Archangel. This character has few combinations, but the ones that are are great to get the most out of him on the battlefield

  • Dragon holi + dark dragon.
  • Adamantium Dragon + Abyss Dragon.
  • Light Dragon + Dark Dragon.

common class

In the common class of dragons in the game, one of the most powerful is the Water Lily. This can be combined with dragons of its classes to have a really strong team in the level. So here is a list of his possible combos.

  • Dragon double nature + Dragon animation.
  • Dragon sea + Dragon nature.
  • Lightning Dragon + Nature Dragon.
  • Poseidon Dragon + Mountain Dragon.

ancient class

For the ancestral class there is one of the most unique dragons, it is the Illusion Dragon. The combos you can take advantage of with this character are unmatched. The power that results from these synergies is incredible.
Dragon possessedus + Dragon recondite.
Dragon swin-Jin + Fire Dragon.
Gorgonian Dragon + Recondite Dragon.
Gorgonian Dragon + Deliriam Dragon.
Dragon swin-Jin + Dragon delirium.
Dragon possessedus + Dragon recondite.
Gorgonian Dragon + Fire Dragon.

Breeding sanctuary class

* The apocalypse dragon:
Fire and Ice Dragon + Fallen Angel Dragon.
Sun Dragon + Fossil Dragon.
Cold Star Dragon + Vampire Dragon.
Dark Fire Dragon + Cold Star Dragon.
Penguin Dragon + Sun Dragon.

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