Deku Smash Fortnite, where to find him in season 1 of chapter 4?

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Season 1 Chapter 4 of Fortnite is now well installed since the first update of the season, patch 23.10, was deployed this Tuesday, December 13, 2022. With it, you will be able to discover the event related to MrBeast skins and challenges on Fortnite, but also the Winterfest 2022 with gifts and skins to win. 

In addition, for this season, we had learned that a skin inspired by the My Hero Academia manga was going to see the light of day on Fortnite. Deku, the famous hero of Japanese comics, will join the Fortnite skin catalog. We had already had several Naruto and Dragon Ball Z skins. Soon, it's My Hero Academia and Deku that you can embody. In addition, like the Kaméhaméha, you will be able to use the technique Deku Smash as a mythical weapon.


Where to find the Deku Smash in Fortnite? 

For now, it is impossible to provide you with a precise location to retrieve it. It is likely that you could find it in chests, or even more easily in knighted coffers. It is rare to find this kind of object directly on the ground, but it is a possibility. Finally, it is possible that a special event in the spirit of My Hero Academia will be temporarily added on a part of the Fortnite island, so that you can obtain the Deku Smash.


— InTheShade - Fortnite Leaks (@InTheShadeYT) December 13, 2022

Unfortunately, we don't have any more information to give you at this time. We will do so when the item becomes available.

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