Demo Forspoken on PS5, how to play it?

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During the ceremony of Game Awards, Square Enix et Luminous Productions unveiled a new trailer for forspoken and announced the immediate release of a free playable demo of the game on the PlayStation 5 console. 

The demo allows players to experience the magical combat and parkour of forspoken before its release on January 24, 2023. To access it, you can follow on our article. As a reminder, access to the demo of forspoken is free in Spain.


How to play the demo version of Forspoken on PS5?

To access the Forspoken demo, you can go to your PlayStation 5 store and search for the Forspoken game. You can also visit the PlayStation Store site using the link below: 

>>> Demo Forspoken <<<

Players will have the opportunity to watch new gameplay live during a dedicated Forspoken game stream. Animated by Ella Balinska, the stream will take place on 9th December 202219 hours

Designed for the PS5, forspoken will take advantage of the full power of the console and embody the philosophy of Luminous Productions by offering an unprecedented gaming experience combining cutting-edge technology and creativity. forspoken will be available simultaneously on PS5 and PC (on Steam, Microsoft Store et Epic Games Store) the January 24 2023.

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