Destiny 2: Dawning 2022 recipes, list of cakes and ingredients

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Every year, theAdvent returns to Destiny 2 for the end of the year. This special event linked to Christmas offers you the possibility of doing exclusive quests, one of the main ones being to create the different recipes and give the cakes thus made to specific characters.

To help you in the realization of these recipes, we suggest you find all the cakes that it is possible to cook as well as the ingredients necessary for their realization.


What are Dawning cake recipes in Destiny 2?

We have grouped the following recipes for you according to the first ingredient to use and we also give you the person who will happily accept the cake you make.

Recipes Ingredients For who
Gjallarteaux secs Etheric Sugar Cane, Flavor Burst Commander Zavala
Traveler Donuts Cabal Oil, Flash of Genius It works Rey
chocolate vessels Cabal Oil, Taste of Nothingness Amanda holliday
Range tapioca Vex Milk, Ball Siphon Banshee-44
Eliksni bird seed Etheric Sugar Cane, Personal Touch Suraya Hawthorne
Gentleman's shortbread Etheric Sugar Cane, Perfect Taste Devrim kay
Raisin Rising Cookies Chitinous Powder, Finishing Touch Eris Morn
Infinite Forest Cake Vex Milk, Extreme Heat Failsafe
Vanilla blades Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor Lord Shaxx
Dark chocolate particles Corrupt Butter, Taste of Nothingness Vagabond
Luminous Dust Snowballs Chitinous Powder, Complex Flavors Tess everis
Fortune Cakes Dark Etheric Cane, Extreme Heat Petra Venj
weird cookies Corrupt Butter, Electric Flavor food
Lavender Ribbon Cakes Saint-14 Vex Milk, Personal Touch
Traditional butter cookies Corrupted butter, Superb texture Eve Levante
Etheric Crunchies Chitinous Powder, Electric Flavor varix
Blueberry crumbles Etheric Sugar Cane, Bullet Siphon Shaw Han
Sweet and Sour Cookies Dark Etheric Cane, Balanced Flavors Crow
Stellar Grass Cookies Dark Etheric Cane, Dark Glaze Elsie Bray
Deceased Specter in Sugar Dark Etheric Candy Cane, Bolt of Genius the Spider
Luminous cookie Chitinous Powder, Perfect Taste fynch

How to get ingredients during Dawning on Destiny 2?

There are a total of 3 categories of ingredients. The first category is obtained by eliminating specific enemies, the list of which is below:

  • Vex : Give Vex milk,
  • Fallen : Give etheric sugar canes,
  • Flows : Give Cabal oil,
  • beehives : Yield chitinous powder,
  • Corrupted : Give Corrupted Butter,
  • infamous : Give dark etheric candy canes.

The second category is obtained by eliminating enemies in a specific way, the details of which are below:

  • Explosive kills : Grant Flavor Bursts,
  • Sword kills : Give Sharp Flavors,
  • Solar kills : Give extreme heat,
  • Abyssal Frags : Give Void Tastes,
  • Cryofrags : Give Electric Flavors,
  • Generate Orbs : Grants Bolts of Genius,
  • Melee kills : Give Personal Touches,
  • Precision kills : Give perfect flavors,
  • Automatic Weapon Kills : Give Bullet Traps,
  • Finisher kills : Give Final Touches,
  • Frags with a bow : Give balanced Flavors,
  • Pick up orbs of light : Give pinches of light,
  • Frags multiples : Give complex flavors,
  • Multiple Frags at the Super : Give superb textures.

The third and last category is to be obtained in the Activities. Depending on the activity, you will obtain a certain number of Flavors, the details of which are as follows:

  •  Patrouille : 1 to 3,
  •  Protocol : 3,
  •  public event : 5,
  •  powder keg : 5,
  •  epic adventure : 6,
  •  blind well : 10,
  •  Sundial : 15 to 16,
  •  Epic Assault : 15 to 17,
  •  Dark night : 16 to 18,
  •  Gambit : 22.
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