Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Destruction AllStars is the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive of Sony et lucid games. Initially free for all PS Plus members, it's a fast-paced multiplayer game with an emphasis on vehicular mayhem. If you're new to the experience, it all might seem quite complicated, but once you've done it, there's entertaining and fun action gameplay at its heart. In this Destruction AllStars guide, we will provide general information tips and tricks for the game, as well as going over the basics, outlining the trophy list, and explaining all the characters. If you want to know all there is to know how to win in Destruction AllStars, This is the place to be.

Note: This guide is a work in progress.

Destruction AllStars: How to Play on PS5

Here are all the basics you need to know about Destruction AllStars so you can jump into the game with all the knowledge you need.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win


Here is the default control scheme for Destruction AllStars. If you want, you can customize it in the Bindings section of the game's Options menu.

Button / Enter Walking In the vehicle
left stick Run Lead
right stick Move the camera Left/right: side slam
Up: snap forward
Bottom: look behind
X To jump Eject
Circle Dodge/safe
Resume right prompt
Hand brake
Triangle Enter the vehicle Exit vehicle
Carré melee strike
Resume left prompt
R2 - Accelerate
L2 - Brake / reverse
R1 Use foot circuit breaker -
L1 Call the vehicle Hero Call the vehicle Hero, use Hero Vehicle Breaker
Directional cross Emotes Emotes
Touchpad Show Dashboard Show Dashboard

Game modes

There are currently four modes in Destruction AllStars, which you can play in online multiplayer or single player against bots.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Mayhem: The "main" mode of the game. This is a free mode where you fight for the highest score. To earn points, you need to damage other players, destroy vehicles, and get KOs. On foot, you can score extra points by avoiding incoming cars and winning takeovers. The winner is the one with the most points when the time runs out.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Gridfall: It's another free-for-all mode, but it's quite different from Mayhem. In Gridfall, sections of the ground gradually give way, shrinking the playing space as the match progresses. The last player standing wins. Everyone starts the match with a limited number of respawns, but you can earn more by eliminating your opponents.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Bait: This is a team based mode. You and your teammates must accumulate gears by dealing damage and destroying vehicles. Once you have Gears, you must enter the tornado in the middle of the arena to contribute them to your team's score. You can rack up up to 30 Gears while driving, but the longer you wait to bank your Gears, the riskier it becomes. Destroying an opponent gives you their gears.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Store: Another team mode. In Stockpile, there are three banks in the arena. You must deposit Gears into these banks to take control of them. The team that can take all three banks, or the team with the majority of banks when time is up, is the winner. To get Gears, you need to destroy opponents, who then drop the items on the ground. To collect the gears, you must leave your car and collect them on foot.

Driving game tips

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

There are three basic car types in Destruction AllStars. One is small and nimble, the other is the fastest, and the last is the bulkiest and packs the biggest punch. No matter which one you drive, you have access to a set of default abilities.

You can turn the handbrake by holding a circle and a direction. You can also perform drifts by tapping on the circle and controlling with the left stick. Both are useful for quick maneuvers. Offensively, you have access to front and side attacks on the right stick. You can smash an opponent without it, but using these slam attacks deals more damage and thus rewards more points. The forward slam is also useful for increasing speed, while you can use the side slam as a makeshift dodge. Both work on a cooldown basis, so you can't spam them forever.

Pressing X will kick you out of the car, which is something you'll want to do if your vehicle is low on health. This ejection launches you much higher than pressing triangle to get out of the car, so use it to reach high platforms.

Each character has a hero car. These are kind of like ultimate abilities. Once you can summon one, enter and you can use its Breaker ability – again, unique for each character.

Foot game tips

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Each character plays identically when out of a car. You might think you're pretty helpless on foot, but you're not. An important aspect of the game on foot is your ability to perform a takeover of an opposing vehicle. To do this, press circle to avoid an incoming car when you see the prompt above your character's head, then quickly press triangle. A mini-game will start where you have to press (by default) a square or a circle, much like a quick event. If you succeed, you can then choose to get in the car or destroy it.

On foot, keep an eye out Fragments. These pickups help build your Breaker meters faster. In addition to Hero vehicles having a Breaker ability, each character has one on foot as well. In addition to unique effects for each character, activating the Foot Breaker allows you to run faster and double jump.

Daily and weekly challenges

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

When playing Destruction AllStars online multiplayer, you will notice a set of challenges on the right side of the screen. Six of them will appear at a time – three per day, three per week, marked with a D or a W respectively. These challenges will be redeemed upon completion or when they expire, meaning you'll always have new ones to try. Completing them earns you XP, which in turn buffs you. Leveling up rewards you with AllStar Coins – learn more about these below.

In-game currencies and microtransactions

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

There are two in-game currencies in Destruction AllStars. One is earned by playing matches online, while the other is premium, meaning you have to pay for it through microtransactions. Both currencies are used to acquire cosmetic items for each character, such as color swaps, emotes, voice lines, and more.

AllStar Parts: It is the in-game currency that you will earn simply by playing the game. Participating in online matches will earn you XP, and each time you level up you will earn AllStar points, which can then be spent on in-game cosmetics.

Kill Points: This is a premium currency, purchased through the PlayStation Store. Destroy Points are used to acquire cosmetic items and are required to unlock some of the Challenge Series events. You can buy destruction points in three denominations:

  • 500 Kill Points – £3,99 / $4,99
  • 1000 Kill Points – £7,99 / $9,99
  • 2000 Kill Points – £15,99 / $19,99

Destruction AllStars: Characters, Trophies, and Other Tips and Tricks

Destruction AllStars a 16 playable characters at launch, each with their own special abilities. If you want to know more about the list and which are the best for which modes, check out our guide: [coming soon!]

Of course, no PlayStation game is complete without a set of Trophies. Destruction AllStars has its own list of trophies, including a Platinum for the most dedicated players. For more information on Destruction AllStars trophies, check out our guide: Destruction AllStars: All Trophies and How to Get Platinum.

Below we have presented some tips and tricks for playing Destruction AllStars.

Use Slam Attacks Wisely

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

On the right stick, you can initiate a slam, either straight, left, or right. This is the primary way you will deal damage while inside a vehicle. However, they have more utility than that.

Pushing the right stick up engages the forward slam attack, but it's also an effective way to get a quick speed boost. If you find yourself out of the action, you can use it to get back into the fray. Alternatively, it can be an effective getaway if you're being chased.

Pushing left or right on the right stick will send you flying in that direction. If you're alongside an opponent, this is a good way to ram them without having to turn awkwardly. Additionally, you can use the side slam as a dodge. If someone is speeding towards you, use this move to quickly get out of the way.

Don't spend too much time in a vehicle

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Destruction AllStars cars are designed to be disposable and you should treat them as such. The main way players earn points in this game is by destroying their opponents; destroy a vehicle while a driver is inside. Sure, getting wrecked is sometimes unavoidable, but the game does a good job of warning you when your car is in bad shape.

When your car's health is low, its bar will turn red and the R2 (acceleration) trigger will begin to vibrate. At this point, it's wise to look for another car and drop the damaged one. It's better to jump out of a broken down car and find a new one than to stubbornly stay behind the wheel and get knocked out. Why give the upper hand to your opponents? Give yourself the best chance of success by making sure your vehicle is capable of taking a few hits.

Don't forget to collect shards if you spot them

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

If you're on foot and looking for a new vehicle to drive, there are things you can do while you wait. You should watch out for those red shards, usually found on raised platforms and along arena walls. While we don't think you should go overboard to get them, they are useful.

Shards help fill your character's Breaker meters faster, meaning you can activate your most powerful abilities faster. Nothing to sniff at, huh? Again, it's probably harder than it's worth jumping to collect dozens of shards, but if you're on foot and there are some in the way, it can't hurt to catch them quickly.

These floor hoops can be lifted on foot

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

This is a detail you might overlook when learning the game. Each arena in most modes will have highlighted circles on the floor. If you roll over them, nothing happens, but they do serve a purpose.

If you walk through these circles on foot, they will lift off the ground. The intention of this is to protect you from cars looking to run you over; raise a few of these barriers and you could bring in a car chasing you. Run over them and you might catch a reckless driver or two.

How to mute other players in Destruction AllStars?

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

When you join an online match in Destruction AllStars, you are automatically placed in a group chat with other players. Of course, not everyone wants to socialize. If you don't feel up to chatting with strangers, or don't want to listen to others having a chinwag, there is an answer.

In the lobby, press the PS button to show activity cards. The first will be party chat for the match you're in, and pressing square will disable all chat. You'll have to do this every time you join a game, but it only takes a second.

Alternatively, you can join a group chat containing just yourself, and that way the game won't automatically drop you into a party with other players.

That's about it for our Destruction AllStars guide. For more on the game, check out our guide all trophies and how to get platinum. Keep checking back, as we'll be bringing you more information about Destruction AllStars soon.

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