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Destruction Simulator is a game for video consoles that will help you release stress, especially if you are an explosive person. Roblox always and in all circumstances offers what its players need at all times, and destruction simulator is a case of it.

If you want to get the most out of it, use all Destruction codes Simulator, which we are going to teach you now.

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What is Destruction Simulator?

Roblox is a platform with many games that has the premise of building. You have to build buildings, houses, roads and create a beautiful environment for life. since well, Destruction Simulator is precisely the opposite, because its purpose is to bring down everything you can.

The more you destroy, the better, so these tricks will come in handy:

New Destruction Simulator codes

The following list shows you the codes together with their rewards:

  • epicvolcan: two coins over sixty seconds.
  • level boost: two coins over sixty seconds.
  • release: two coins over sixty seconds.
  • 200 k: fifty coins.
  • level boost: you go up one level.
  • pumpkin time: two coins over sixty seconds.

Destruction Simulator old codes

A little older, but still very effective tricks:

  • gottagrind: thousand coins.
    • REEL: one,000 coins.
    • safetyfirst: thirty-five coins.
    • 500 k: five thousand coins.
    • blackclouds: one,000 coins.
    • novice: one thousand two hundred and fifty coins.
    • cash please: forty coins.
    • rebirth: two,000 coins.
    • robloxrox: two,500 coins.
    • subby: fifty coins.
    • 5k: five thousand coins.
    • freebee: two,500 coins.
    • whiteclouds: two,000 coins.

How to exchange Destruction Simulator codes

Easy: Like almost every Roblox game, all you have to do is look for the twitter button with the blue bird. Click on it in the menu, describe your code, click enter and that's it. In a matter of seconds you will enjoy many bonuses.

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