Diablo 4 open beta, when is it coming out and how to access it?

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Diablo 4 is the latest game in the franchise Devil, a legendary franchise within Blizzard. Being one of the most anticipated games of 2023, the announcement of the release date as well as an open beast for next year sure stirred the crowds.

Release date de Diablo 4 will be the June 6, 2023. In addition to this date, we learned of the existence of a collector's edition and an open beta which should arrive in the same year. Here's how to access it.


Diablo 4 open beta, how to access it and when is it available?

The beta ouverte of Diablo 4 does not have for the moment no official date. Nevertheless, with the knowledge of the final release date of the game, on June 6, 2023, we can do some predictions.

We should with several beta cycles preceding the release in June, either closed beta or open beta cycles. Most often, open beta cycles are the last beta cycles. We can imagine an open beta release around April or maybe a little earlier. Attention, this is only speculation, we have no official date.

Regarding access to the beta, you'll have to pre-order any version of the game. Pre-ordering the standard version, for example, is enough to obtain access to the open beta!

You can pre-order Diablo IV directly from the Battle.net app store on your PC, or from the official online store.

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