Dofus Advent Calendar 2022, what rewards and how to get them at Kwismas?

From Tuesday, December 6, 2022 until Tuesday, January 3, 2023, Kwismas Island is accessible from Madrestam Harbour. It's time to go there to carry out the various ephemeral activities offered at Christmas.

When Kwismas on Dofus, it's also an opportunity to get free rewards from my in-game store. We'll explain how to get them.


An advent calendar for Kwismas 2022 on Dofus?

For the past two years, there has been no Advent calendar on Dofus. However, you can collect free rewards every day from the store. To do this, go to the Shop and then to the Free Items section.

Be careful, the gifts are not available for long, so hurry to collect them as long as they are free. To do this, you can use the following link 

>>> Dofus Store <<

Take a good look in all the tabs to get all the free items as you can find for in-game Items but also for Dofus Retro. 

This year, we are taking advantage of update 2.66 to dust off Kwismas Island a bit and bring some new features for this year:

  • Kwismas Island quests no longer automatically reset upon arrival on the island,
  • The areas of Kwismas Island have been standardized: we have reviewed the levels of areas as well as the families of monsters,
  • Gifts have also been homogenized, there are fewer of them and their drop rate is not influenced by prospecting or idols. Their rewards have been revised to be more attractive,
  • Kwismas Minotoball spawn conditions have been changed so that it spawns more often.

Happy Kwismas on Dofus!

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