Dragon Adventures codes

The fabulous worlds have come to Roblox, and one of the clearest examples is Dragon Adventures. It is one of the most fun, cute and popular on the platform, and in which you will spend hours collecting your favorite beasts. And in order to make the game simpler, we bring you all Dragon Adventures codes which you can use now.

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All Dragon Adventures Roblox codes

What is Dragon Adventures on Roblox?

As its name indicates, you are going to enjoy many adventures with your dragons. It is an extensive cosmos with an enormous plurality of worlds in which you are going to locate dragons of different races, sizes and styles. It is a very addictive, immersive and special title.

You have to adopt a kind of dragon that you like, design a base, raise and protect your new friend and defeat other players. Like is logic, you need resources for this, for which you have to work or invest real money, although not always and at all times.

New Dragon Adventures Codes

In the next list you will be able to know the most updated tricks for this Roblox game:

  • HEALTH  – healing potions 
  • MAGIC  - Fairy Jars
  • DRAGONSCALE  - dragon scale bandages
  • FLUFFY  – FluffyTSG preset potion
  • YUMMY  - strawberries
  • SUNSHINE  – random color potion
  • SUMMERTIME  - Grapes

Dragon Adventures Old Codes

There is another series of tricks that are a bit older, although some may still work. You can try them now to see what they are:

  • BERRIES  - Juniper Berries
  • FANTASY  - Fairy Jars
  • REVIVE - Revival Hearts
  • FLUFFY  – FluffyTSG preset potion
  • GEMSTONE - Gemstone Healing Potions
  • SHUFFLE – material mixing potion
  • HEALING – fifty Crystal Treats
  • Shiny – r fifty golden apples
  • solarsolstice – five with zero coins
  • Sungod - 1 Plush Golden Bear
  • quest master - 2500 coins
  • 20k2020 – two thousand five hundred coins
  • GLOWING  - Glowing Mushrooms
  • RAINBOW  - Material Shuffle Potion
  • peachy - Peach Seeds 
  • PHOENIX  – random color potion
  • skyrix - Carrot Cake
  • leprechaun - Material Shuffle Potion
  • SPARKLE - Ice Crystals
  • SPECIAL - 1 Color Shuffle Potion
  • TASTY – fifty pumpkins
  • Sunnyday – 1 preset lava potion
  • missions – two bananas
  • NewL0bby - 1 Color Order Potion
  • Bunny – fifty Bunnies

How to exchange Dragon Adventures codes

To exchange these codes, click on the button on the menu in the game and click on Codes. Simply copy and claim one of the codes we have given you in the enter code box and click the submit button. With this you will already have each and every one of the unlocked bonuses.

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