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The codes or links of «Dragon City» are links that give you rewards such as food and gold dragons, to get these links we must review the YouTubers who have cooperated with SocialPoint, the company that authored «Dragon City» them in their profile or even in the descriptions of their videos leave a small link in which if we enter it will direct us to a page that according to what they gave us and certain things will reach our account.

If we ask ourselves if the truth is something fake, it is not, this is completely true, just enough to enter a link from the company itself «Dragon City» and inside we must write down your username to perceive the things mentioned in the videos. We don't have to worry about anything, this is absolutely safe and we are not going to lose the game account or any kind of information, since it is exactly the same SocialPoint who distributes the links to the community.

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Dragon City Codes

How to Exchange Dragon City Codes

As soon as we fill in the data requested from the account of our planet, we enter «Dragon City» and will show us a window with the things to demand, if not we should go to the mailbox and our gifts await us there. In general, the SocialPoint company contacts an influencer for the propaganda of "Dragon City" and it is to be expected and be extremely attentive to these when they publish a video related to the game next to the reward link(s).

We must be careful with certain pages or unverified YouTubers to publish this certain genre of this content, due to the fact that there are pages or links that give us to choose the amount of each and every one of the things we want (gems, food, gold) and here they ask us for the data of the account where we play «Dragon City«. What these pages do is absolutely false and they harm us in such a way as to steal our accounts. 

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