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One of the most essential things in 芦Dragon City禄 is the calendar of events where each and every one of the minigames, events in progress and the start and end day of each of them can be seen. In these events each and every one of the players can play, to win rewards such as: unique dragons. In addition to this, they assign us missions for each event or mini games where we must do certain things to get event tokens to exchange in it and advance little by little.

Commonly among the mini games we have the wheel of fortune, such as a wheel where in a range of every six hours we will be able to make a turn and thus accumulate points and earn rewards until we get the dragon of this. Sometimes we do not wait for the time that they tell us for the next turn and there is no reason to despair for two thousand gold (more or less) we remove the waiting time. Before making a turn, we will notice the normal turn and the real turn (this doubles the points that they give us) and in the same way we will have to wait six hours by pressing one or the other.

Dragon City Events Calendar

Dragon City Events Calendar

Black market of the dragon, in this event a sorceress gives us a list of the dragons that we can acquire, after this she gives us the option to choose between varieties of dragon boxes. Between each and every one of the boxes, only in one is the singular dragon of the event and in order to open them we will need the gems, the cost of one box is two gems, in the next it will cost one gem and so on. At the end of the game time we can only keep one dragon, whether it is a hybrid, strange, legendary, pure or the singular dragon of the event.

And finally but not less essential is the casino of Dragon City, (its name changes continuously depending on the season of the year). It is a slot machine in which every hour you can make two turns and in each one of them add objects to win prizes, the items are different and each one of them is used for different rewards such as (decorations or dragons).

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