Dragon City Gem Generator No Human Verification

In "Dragon City” There is no such thing as objects that help us move faster than normal. So most of the time they are done with hacks, respectively there is no kind of gem generator in this game since there is no object with this specific function, there are ways to get gems: paid or free .

At present, a different procedure has not been discovered or found than those that we already have to let us achieve this kind of thing more easily, if there are ways to achieve them that would be by leveling up, which is one of the safe ways that we experience when winning. free gems in the game.

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Dragon City Gem Generator without human verification

Dragon City Gem Generator No Human Verification

They can also be obtained by winning in the coliseum that runs a couple of times a day, which would then be 4 gems a day in a free and entertaining way, filling the pages of the book of dragons that essentially the only thing you have to have is the most of dragons, for each completed page we receive as a reward from two to ten gems, participating in championships, actively participating in events that come out, in the dragon stadium we have the option to create it ourselves and carry out battles and fights with your creatures. 

For each fight we will be rewarded with two gems and other benefits such as gold. If there is no solution and we need gems, we can ask a friend to help us, inviting friends to install the game on different islands, there will be more possibilities of obtaining this kind of rewards, benefiting each other, thus being able to improve more and more and have considerably More chances to win pvp battles. There are other ways to get gems legally and easily in Dragon City without the need to be requiring the use of hacks.

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