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Everything you need to know which Free Fire cars you should choose. Have you ever wondered what is the most outstanding vehicle in Free Fire? When you see one, do you simply take it? If you answered "yes" to the second question, you should read this product. You will learn to know everything!

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Why select a vehicle?

  • Escape
  • Get away
  • Deceive your rivals
  • Rushear
  • use special abilities
  • move fast
  • heal you

The downside of using Free Fire cars is that opponents easily warn you. And if any of them is in a privileged situation, for example, in a house, they will shoot you and hopefully you will be able to fight back. The common thing in that situation is to escape or protect yourself.

Another drawback of using them is that the moment you get down, the opponent has a clear reference of where you are. If he is skilled, he will take you out while you are flat-footed.

Keep these tips in mind when getting into a car. Sometimes it can be counterproductive.

When to use a vehicle: Tips

  • Cars take time to accelerate. In that short interval of time you are an easy target
  • Free Fire cars explode the instant they lose durability, stay away from them!
  • The moment someone uses a vehicle, it will appear on the mini map. The first thing you will perceive is the noise
  • You can use medkits while you are a passenger or driving
  • If you are about to be run over, put up a wall of ice. That will stop the vehicle in its tracks.
  • Misha and Notora have remarkable abilities while they are in a Free Fire car
  • If you are behind a tree you can be run over, don't trust yourself!

Where do Free Fire cars appear?

We saw this question with some frequency in multiple sets, and the answer is yes, they always show up in exactly the same place. Although in each and every game the vehicle is different (there are exceptions). For example, this happens between the parking lots of Katulistiwa.

These are all the vehicles that there are at the moment, Freefero. As soon as Garena integrates another into the game, we will analyze it.

The best cars of Free Fire

Then we leave you with our list of Free Fire cars, if you like speed you should not miss it!

Monster truck

The monster truck is a good resolution for its size and strength. Destroying it is not easy, Freefero. It takes a lot of damage to get it.

The drawback of the vehicle is its slowness and the time it takes to start. Aside from this, going up a hill with him is dangerous, as he has no ability.

You can only get this truck once it is dropped from the sky by the airplane. Multiple players avoid it, although in squads or late game in the open field it becomes a nightmare.

  • maximum speed: one hundred and ten km/h
  • player capacity: 4
  • Noise level: high
  • resistance: high
  • frequency of appearance: very low

Sport car

The sports car is the most elegant, fast and simple to maneuver vehicle in the game, however, its resistance and peculiarity suppose two disadvantages.

This vehicle is ideal for moving long distances, fleeing or distracting the opponent and rushing in an agile way.

  • maximum speed: one hundred and fifty km/h
  • player capacity: 2
  • Noise level: high
  • resistance: average
  • frequency of appearance: short


Sure you don't know, but the truck is usually better than the sport utility vehicle. Surprised? If so you shouldn't.

The truck has good particular characteristics, really, it can be said that it is a combination between a sports car and a jeep. You can use it for different things: rush, crash, escape, move...

  • maximum speed: one hundred and twenty-five km/h (five km/h less than the sports car)
  • player capacity: 2
  • Noise level: low
  • resistance: average
  • frequency of appearance: short


The jeep is one of the worst cars in Free Fire (especially due to its poor maneuverability), however, it has a lot of resistance. So you can use it to run away or travel great distances, apart from being a bit exposed.

The best thing about this car is that it has room for four players. If all your teammates are inside, sure to scare the opponent.

  • maximum speed: noventa km / h
  • player capacity: 4
  • Noise level: medium-high
  • resistance: high
  • frequency of appearance: high


The motorcycle is a Free Fire vehicle that you must use with your head, that is, do not drive it in visited areas. Due to its design, you are exposed to the opponent.

It seems very fast but it could be more so for its beautiful design. We invite you to use to explore sites at the ends of the map. Oh, and prevent your opponents from colliding with it, it is very difficult to hit someone.

  • maximum speed: one hundred twenty km/h approx
  • player capacity: 1
  • Noise level: medium
  • resistance: short
  • frequency of appearance: high

Land-water motorcycle

There are quite a few people who ignore the ability of this bike: it navigates on water. Hence, it is common for you to find it near the river.

You may be tempted to use it if you want to get to another island without going over the bridge or using the zip line. In this way, when you are on the other side, you will be able to continue moving quickly. It's really useful when escaping from the mist. Just keep in mind that you are going to be exposed.

  • top speed on land: approximately one hundred and ten km/h
  • maximum speed in water: sixty five km/h
  • player capacity: 2
  • Noise level: low
  • resistance: short
  • frequency of appearance: high in Purgatory and medium in Bermuda

motorcycle taxi

Using this motorcycle is a bit funny, Freefero, and we don't recommend it, unless it's necessary or you're in a little frequented space at the ends of the map.

The motorcycle taxi is the worst option, although it is very stealthy and allows two users to be carried. This means that next to your teammates you will be able to quickly loot a large area like Sentosa, Mars Electric, Shipyard, etc.

Prevents bumping backwards and combat. This bike does not resist practically anything and you are exposed.


  • maximum speed: seventy km/h approx
  • player capacity: 3
  • Noise level: low
  • resistance: short
  • frequency of appearance: high

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