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All the characters in Friday night funkin they are truly attractive and super entertaining, since each of them has its outstanding attributes and peculiarities.

But as in any video game, the characters with a primary or leading role always and at all times stand out and here in Friday Night Funkin clearly this is not the exception. In this sense, in FNF where the vertical column or the genesis is the music, the characters that really stand out are the following:

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All FNF Friday Night Funkin Characters


Within Friday Night Funkin the character of "Boyfriend" is nineteen years old, his hair is blue, he is of the human gender and loves rap. He loves pizza and his reason for being is to become the partner of “Girlfrend”.

Now, "Boyfriend" must battle against the father of "Girlfriend" to achieve his goal and that is precisely why he accepts any kind of challenge or challenge, since he is not afraid of anything at all. But without any doubt, his greatest attribute and charisma is reflected in the rap and dance battles.


For her part, Girlfriend is a young white-skinned girl who wears a red suit and is generally seated placidly on top of large loudspeakers. On the other hand, she loves Boyfriend's rap and without a doubt she is the main fan of it. 

She desperately wants Boyfriend to defeat each of her opponents with her talent. And despite the fact that her appearance is similar to that of Boyfriend (of human) she really belongs to the species famous as a devil. 

Mommy mearest

Mommy is neither more nor less than Girlfriend's mother, her age is unknown and without any doubt she is a pop super star. Her skin is purple and she always and in all circumstances confronts Boyfriend to prevent Girlfriend from joining him at all costs. 

Daddy dearest 

Daddy Dearest is really a former rock star, he is Girlfriend's dad, his age is ignored, and he is Boyfriend's main rival. By any and all means he sees to it that his daughter doesn't bond with Boyfriend and counts on the villain named Pico to harm Boyfriend permanently.

All Characters Featured in Friday Night Funkin

Other participants who stand out in Friday Night Funkin for their peculiarities are listed below. In such a way that with these the totality of the opponent characters and protagonists of FNF is completed to form a cast of more or less two genres of figures:

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