Exotic weapons in Fortnite, how to get them?

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Our articles on Fortnite Exotic weapons in Fortnite, how to get them? Exotic Weapons have been added to Fortnite with Patch 15.10! Find out how to get them.

Updates are regularly made in Fortnite, thus adding new content to the game. In patch 15.10, deployed only a few days ago, some rather special weapons were released: exotic weapons 禄.

Two in number for the moment, we explain how to find exotic weapons, which are the Icemaker and Dragon's Breath Sniper.

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How to get exotic weapons in Fortnite?

Two Exotic weapons are currently available in Fortnite, as of the release of patch 15.10. It's about Icemaker and Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle. These weapons are not obtained in the same way as the others, since they are only found on a specific NPC Everytime !


To get the Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle,

you will have to buy it from the NPC Furnace, for an amount of 1 213 lingots d'or. What a NPC has two slots, and is necessarily at one of the two in each of your games.

The first location of Furnace is in a house, located on the coast, east of Craggy Cliffs. Find its exact location on the map below, as well as on the screenshot:

Furnace can be found in one of two locations each game


To get the Glaciator,

you will also have to buy it from an NPC: Neigionnaire. It's about character 41, who will exchange the weapon for you 1 455 lingots d'or.

The Icemaker is located in the mountains, near Catty Corner. Find its exact location below:

You find Neigionnaire in the mountains of Catty Corner

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