Fortnite Buddy at the top season 1 chapter 4, how to get the Snikt emote?

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Fortnite regularly offers temporary events such as Winterfest 2022 to allow players to collect free rewards such as skins, emotes or other gifts.

Among the existing events, there is one called "Big Buddies" which is coming back for Chapter 1 Season 4. Some players are wondering how to participate and what they can get back. We will therefore tell you the procedure to follow and what you will be able to obtain.


How do I participate in the Hot Buddies event in Chapter 1 Season 4 and what is the free reward?

If you want to participate in the Fortnite Top Friends event, here is how it works as explained by Epic Games on its site (source).

  • Open the tab Friends in the side panel of the living room to discover the panel Friends at the top
  • You will see the friends with whom you will be able to participate in the event
  • Before teaming up, you can also "Rally" your friends by giving them the retrievable link at (source)
  • Team up with one, two or three friends (or more, if the mode allows it) to complete bonus quests and objectives Friends at the top together. You can find bonus quests and objectives in the page of quests
  • You and your friends earn points by completing Top Mates bonus quests and objectives together. Earn points to unlock in-game rewards ! You can track the progress of your points and the rewards you can get through the quests page

For those wondering what rewards are available and the points needed to claim them, well, here is the information given by Epic Games.

  • 50 points : emoticon on top
  • 100 points : the Controlled Concentration coating
  • 150 points : Visioboard glider
  • 250 points : l'emote Snikt ! Snikt !

Finally, we remind you that the event is accessible from December 13, 2022 at 15 p.m. to January 10, 2023 at 15 p.m. and that you can already collect your Winterfest 2022 gifts.

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