Fortnite epic quest, what color?

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Our articles on Fortnite Fortnite epic quest, what color? If you're wondering what color Epic Quests are in Fortnite, this article is for you!

Dance Fortnite, Epic Games used different colors for the rarity of its items but also for its quests. While some people use the easy to understand terms, such as "gray", "green", "blue", "epic", "orange", others use official Epic Games terms. Because when the Fortnite editor releases challenges (or quests), these are the terms that are used. Because if we talk to you abouta common, atypical, rare, epic, legendary or mythical weapon, do you know exactly what color it is?

Do not worry ! If you are looking for atypical quests, rare quests or legendary quests, we will give you the answer! In the case of epic quests, know that it is the purple color.

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How to complete an epic quest in Fortnite?

Before completing an epic quest, you still need to know what color this famous quest is. In the case of the epic, it's the same color in just about every game: the purple. If you want to know the color of each rarity in Fortnite, here they are:

  • Town (Grey )
  • Atypical (Green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epique (purple)
  • Legendary (orange)
  • Mythical (green Blue)

These quests can be found in several places, but when you open your map in Fortnite, you have a good sample of quests to complete. When you are on the Fortnite home page in the "PLAY" tab, you can also find them.

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