Fortnite Halloween mask, how to download and make them?

Our articles on Fortnite Fortnite Halloween mask, how to download and make them? Fortnite has made Halloween mask templates available on its official website. We explain here how to download and make them.

On the occasion of Halloween Fortnite introduced a unique event in its Battle Royale. Appointed Fortnitemares : La Vengeance de Midas, this event gives players access to new weapons, new items and a new game mode.

But Epic Games also added models of Halloween masks and figurines on its official website to allow players to embody a Fortnite character.

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How to download the model and make your Fortnite Halloween mask?

On its official website Epic Games has made available many models of Halloween masks so that players can keep the spirit of Fortnite even outside of Battle Royale. To create your own mask, just follow the following steps.

  • To surrender on the official Fortnite website (in English).
  • Choose your model among the available characters (Arachne, Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper) or click on the images below.
  • Download PDF.
  • Equip yourself with the necessary tools (scissors etc) and follow the instructions.
  • Share your creation on social networks with #MyFortnitemares.

Download Arachne

Download Ghoul Trooper

Download Skull Trooper

It is also possible to create small figurines to display at home to create a Fortnite Halloween spirit. To do so, simply go down to the page linked above, click on “Explore” and download one of the available models (Big Mouth, Raven or Ghoul Trooper). As with the masks, some tools will be required and after following the instructions the Fortnite figurine will be ready!

Download Big Mouth
Download Ghoul Trooper

Download Raven

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