Fortnite Week 10 Alien Relic, Season 7 Locations

Our articles on Fortnite Alien Relic Fortnite Week 10, Season 7 Locations Every week the location of Alien Relics changes in Fortnite. We present their location in week 10!

Alien relics are one of the novelties of this season 7 in Fortnite, allowing in particular to unlock styles for Kyméra's customizable skin. These artifacts are obtained in cosmic chests, but also in different places in the game.

Every week, five relics are scattered on the Fortnite map. Discover the location of the alien relics in week 10 !

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Fortnite Week 10 Alien Relic Artifact Locations

Every week the five alien relics change places on the Fortnite map. For the week 10 of season 7 of Fortnite, the different locations will be as follows:

Location of alien relics in week 10 of Fortnite.

It is important to collect these five relics each week if you have the battle pass. In fact, it will help you unlock styles for Kymera skin, which is fully customizable. You will be able to modify his eyes, his skin color or even elements of his armor.

Don't forget that it is also possible to collect alien relics in the cosmic chests, which are also one of the novelties of this season 7 of Fortnite!

Find the precise locations of these relics every week on Creamofgames. The relics for this week 10 are not yet available, they should arrive in the game in the coming days.

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