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Free fire is one of the games that has generated the most trends worldwide, which has a huge variety of characters. In addition to this, certain of his characters were inspired by certain acquaintances, if you want to know about the characters of Free Fire in real life, everyone and who they are then continue reading. We assure you that you will like it, so let's start!

It should be noted that free fire is a game in which you must face forty-nine players from different parts of the planet, where they must survive for one minute and thus be able to be the last survivor, winning a BOOYAH! Also, the game has an extensive catalog of characters, some better than others.

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Who are each and every one of the Free Fire Characters in Real Life

Who are each and every one of the Free Fire Characters in Real Life

There are a total of 45 characters, although only certain were inspired by well-known people who have unique and surprising abilities. Now, we are going to show you each of the characters in free fire, their abilities and who they were inspired by in real life:


It is the first character of garena free fire that was inspired by someone in real life, it is the Iberoamerican DJ Alok Achkar, the one with a very effective skill called brutal rhythm, which is considered one of the best skills in the entire game.

Chrono CR7

He is a huge free fire character and as many already know he was inspired by the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, the one with a huge ability that is also considered one of the best in the game, is called force field.


He is a swat commander, as we can see in his uniform, he is very skilled with each and every weapon and has an ability called raging reload, which helps to load forty-five percent of the magazine when killing opponents . although it is not certain it is thought that he was inspired by the Hollywood actor hritik roshan.


This character was inspired by the Portuguese national team player, Diogo Jose Teixeira da Silva, the one with a very unique ability called sustained attacks, which helps players gain two Hp by killing opponents with an SMG or shotgun.


This character is based on the American record producer and DJ KSHMR. In addition to this, this character has two game modes: jiujitsu and psychology.


This character was inspired one hundred percent by the Korean K-pop vocalist, called by the same name chapel, which makes healing abilities and items more effective.


It is a character based on the Brazilian player luke pack, hence its name luqueta, the one with an ability called hat trick that allows you to increase the maximum HP by eight, making a total of thirty-five HP for each death.


It was incorporated into garena free fire in its first stage, as a crazy slayer, now appears as a commander of a section of the singular forces of free fire. Although many do not believe Miguel is based on an American vocalist, writer and actor who has been in the spotlight since he was one years old.


This Swedish character was inspired by leif, the one who is a popular streamer, the one who has a passive ability called limelight, with this ability all the damage received in the head is reduced between three percent and two percent with each death or every viewer.

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