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Games like Free Fire have had a great receptivity in recent times by people. For this reason, it has currently catapulted as one of the most downloaded mobile games. In the community of such a game, you can locate high level vloggersl.

For this reason, in the different areas of the planet we will be able to locate free fire personalities that are truly popular. But, in Latin America, we will surely meet the best players on a global level. Therefore, today we are going to tell you more about the Ecuadorian Youtubers from Free Fire More popular.  

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Free Fire Ecuadorian Youtubers

Best free fire ecuadorian vloggers


He is an Ecuadorian videoblogger who plays Free Fire and has a very threatening quality and level. Currently has more than two.02 million subscribers and with content that is very attractive to fans of this game.

The Nino

Nino is a famous ecuadorian vlogger in development that has managed to sustain a very harmonious community of Free Fire players. He supports himself by renewing his content with very interesting videos that attract the attention of even those who do not participate in this game.


VillaDroop he is a Free Fire content author and truly competitive gamer who has over four hundred and thirty eight thousand subscribers on his youtube channel. He could be classified as one of the best players in his country, thanks to the level and quality of his mechanics and strategies.


Zero is a vlogger with more than two.2 million of people subscribed to your Free Fire channel. He is a great Garena Free Fire player and his videos are very entertaining as well as educational. In our opinion, he may be one of the best Free Fire content authors in all of Latin America.


The YouTube channel dedicated to Free Fire with the most subscribers in Ecuador is undoubtedly from SaXxer. He is a Battle Royale content author solely for this game, which has incredible quality, not only in production but rather in its gameplay, we are talking about the best players in this area of 鈥嬧媡he planet.

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