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Surely at some point you have wanted to leave your old nickname in Free Fire but you don't know the proper way to do it. Many times the name no longer fits or you may want to try a new one that is more complex.

If you think that the only way to get out of your name is to spend a lot of real money, you are wrong! Since you can use the name change card Free Fire. If you want to know more about these cards, we invite you to continue reading this article that we have prepared for you!

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Free Fire Name Change Card

How to get the free fire name change card

Please note that this item is redeemable and you can get it for as little as 79 diamonds + two clan tokens in the Free Fire store. In addition to this, you can acquire this name change card in the game for free, you just have to join in season six of the regional battle.

How to exchange the name change card in Free Fire?

So you can redeem the name change card in Free Fire  you will have to locate a number of points in the regional battle. You can play casual games, DE qualifiers, or Squad Duels in order to earn points.

If you finish in second or third place they will also give you one hundred and fifty points. Keep in mind that for each death you will be given one point. Along with the perfect CS mode, killing will give you five points and two points for winning. You can use them to exchange the items that we will present below:

  • 10 points: Ok Gold Royale.
  • 1000 points: 100 percent Exp (seven days).
  • 5000 points: Cupid Scar weapon box.
  • 10000 points: name change card.
  • 20000 points: Gloo Wall - Spirit

How to change Free Fire nickname using name change cards?

  • First, you will open your profile section pressed the banner in the upper left corner.
  • The next step will be to click on the icon “edit” and later in “player information".
  • Then, click the icon next to your Existing IGN.
  • Finally, a dialog box will appear, then you will have to enter a new name in the text field. Choose the name change card in place of diamonds.

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