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All the people who love Free fire They know really well how incredible each and every one of the events that come to the surface from time to time that allow us to achieve unique challenges and absolutely unique details are. In the article we are going to talk about one of the most surprising events for the community, since its skins were dreamlike.

This is the night king pack Free Fire. If you want to know more about this excellent bundle in the renowned and entertaining free fire game, you should continue reading! Since, soon we are going to tell you everything about this well-known and interesting event in Garena Free Fire.

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King of the Night Free Fire Pack

All about the lump king of the night free fire

The event King of the Night Free Fire It was launched last year, on dates close to the celebration of Halloween. His announcement raised a lot of hope in the community, since we could want a sensational promotional poster and as time went by they revealed to us what this event was about and the skin that players could win.

King of the night, known in LATAM as Bloody Night Free Fire, it was an event that opened the doors to the new elite pass known as Diablos de Sangre. Keep in mind that the chosen date was September XNUMX, XNUMX. But, before its launch, the players had a series of little surprises that Garena was releasing there.

What prizes could be won in this event?

  • Jackpot. King of the Night Package. (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Jackpot. Skin King of the night of the M249.
  • Weapons Royale Ticket.
  • Weapons box Shrewd Beasts.
  • Box gift of love.
  • Emotes and considerably more.

Keep in mind that the cost of the roulette was one amount of thirty-nine diamonds, which could be reduced thanks to the option to remove certain rewards from the list, thus preventing you from receiving these rewards and having a slightly higher probability of being rewarded with exclusive rewards.

About the event King of the Night Free Fire It was an exclusive event and the skin was only available for this moment, but it is very possible that Garena will surprise us later and let us return to participate in this beautiful skin.

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