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The Free Fire community in Latin America is truly extensive and many videobloggers and streamers have come out of this renowned Battle Royale. In today's article we are going to be mentioning the Peruvian youtubers from free fire most followed and with enormous content on their channels.

If you want to learn how to play Free Fire, see certain truly effective methods, progress your strategy and mechanics apart from participating in interesting raffles in the LATAM area, you will surely like the content offered by these talented peruvian youtubers de Free Fire. Let us begin!

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Free Fire Peruvian Youtubers

The best free fire Peruvian videobloggers


He is a natural videoblogger from Peru with 5.6 million subscribers from each and every part of the planet. His channel is very famous for its multivariate content in Free Fire, he always maintains creating his content and creating videos that help to progress the gameplay of many novice players in Garena.

Golemcito Game

It is one of the most viewed among the Free Fire community around the planet. It has more than four with four million reproductions and more than 10. 1 million subscribers who love your content. His videos are of great quality and he has a very outgoing vibe that captures his viewers.


WICLIPS is a YouTube channel that uploads very interesting content about the world of free fire, from clips of spectacular plays, to the latest news about Garena. Similarly upload essential events in the FF community. It is a very complete channel when it comes to this BR of shots.


CapiFry is another of the greats of the community in this area, its contents are very varied when Free Fire. If you go through his channel you will be able to see videos analyzing other players' plays, TOPS, clips, gifts and much more.


Every time Free Fire uploads an update, new event, items and any other kind of novelty, the first to go and do the analysis is Jeffrain. This video blogger of great weight in the community of this Battle Royale, uploads content of great interest to players because his analyzes are very entertaining.

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