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Our articles on Fortnite Free Grumpy Core Skin with the Free Fortnite Cup Following the removal of Fortnite from Apple platforms, Epic Games reacted by organizing a tournament which notably allows you to win the Grumpy Core skin.

A short time ago players on Apple platforms had the misfortune to learn that Fortnite, the Battle Royale, would soon no longer be available on iOS platforms (iPhones, iPads etc). To deal with this Epic Game has decided to organize the #FreeFortnite Cup, a competition playable on all platforms.

This #FreeFortnite cup offers many prizes, including a Grumpy Core skin for your character. Find out how to get it here.

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How to get the Grumpy core skin for free in Fortnite?

On Sunday August 23, Fortnite players will meet to participate in the #FreeFortnite competition organized by Epic Games. This cup will thus be an opportunity for players to win the Grumpy Core skin on their character. To get this skin for free, the procedure is simple.

  • Participate in the #FreeFortnite Tournament via the Competition tab in the game menu.
  • Play up to a maximum of 12 games Sunday August 23 during the times indicated by the game menu.
  • Score at least 10 points by eliminating opposing players (1 point per kill), by making Victory Royales (10 points) or simply by staying alive (1 point every 3 minutes).

Once the competition is over Epic Games will give away the skin grumpy core on Fortnite. The skin will therefore not be unlocked immediately.

To learn more about the #FreeFortnite competition and other prizes offered by Epic Games, visit our dedicated Fortnite portal.

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