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La challenge week 3 Fortnite in season 7 is finally available! It is already possible to complete them, and start getting XP to advance in the game's battle pass. However, some challenges can be a bit complicated to complete, and we help you by explaining how to do it.

This is the case of the challenge asking to get cat food. We explain where to find this cat food in Fortnite!

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Where is the cat food in Fortnite?

To find some cat food in Fortnite and validate the challenge of the week, you will be able to go to different places! You will have the choice between Corny Complex, Dirty Docks et Retail Row.

You can use the map below to find the location of the cat food:

Once there, you will find crates filled with different cans of cat food. Collect them with the interaction key to complete the challenge!

You can help yourself with screenshot below to make it easier to find this cat food:

Cat food location in Fortnite

Cat food location in Fortnite

You only need to collect them twice to complete the challenge! A single city should therefore be sufficient.

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