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Author and references Free Fire is the website that has recently become a trend among the players of Free Fire who want to unlock each and every skin and find diamonds for absolutely free.

If you want to know what this page hides, and the consequences that using the hacks it offers could bring, then stay with us, because we will tell you the truth about Free Fire.

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What is Free Fire?

As its name suggests, this page has a strict catalog of hacked games and applications. In case you have still felt it, the name of the page means “Game Hack”, that is, Hacked Game and, as we stated, this page seems to have any common game hacked with any resource unlocked, free for you with just one click.

But everything can't be rosy, right? At the first change, we have the possibility to say that the hack works, however, it carries with it a huge inconvenience, and that is that, considerably sooner than later, your account is going to be banned by Garena the moment they appreciate that you are using game resources illegally.

In truth, at the beginning of the year, Garena Free Fire announced an investigation where they proved that they had banned a total of 1.363.824 accounts during the first fortnight of January. ONLY IN THE FIRST FORTNIGHT!

The ban policies in Free Fire have been strengthened over time thanks to the fact that new hacks and players who use them nonchalantly to position themselves in the game do not stop appearing

Can I get banned if I use Free Fire?

Well, the short answer is Yes. If you find it interesting, and continuing with the previous point, we leave you a separate report detailing why so many accounts were banned.

Fifty percent of the tricks were banned due to the use of automatic purpose. Auto Aim is used to shoot opponents automatically via scripts from others.
Thirty-eight percent were discouraged due to the use of teleportation. This is used to instantly move from one space to another without considering the physical distance between them.

The 1 percent was banned due to employing the ability to move through covers and walls. Five percent were discouraged due to the use of antenna hacks. These tricks are used to understand the situation of the opponents. The six percent surplus was discouraged for unspecified reasons.

Hopefully knowing this, you will forget to install the apk that Free Fire gives you, since it will only bring you inconvenience and you will not be able to recover your account once it has been banned.

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