Hades: Guide to Healing

Hades can be incredibly ruthless, especially at first. The game does not offer any equipable healing items. You start with a weapon and your skills, but you'll need to find healing as you run through the underworld.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to regain your health if you know what to look for, what upgrades to make, and how to strategize your way through during a run. If Hades is feeling generous – a rare thing – you'll receive one or more free heals. Don't count on them because the next run is not likely to be so friendly.

How to Heal in Hades

Even if you don't start a run with a way to heal yourself, there are more than a dozen ways to regain your health while fighting your way through the underworld. You won't have easy access to all of them early on, so expect your first few runs to end violently.

Care Shop Items

Hades: Guide to Healing

Most parts of the Underworld can create a store fountain filled with the purple water of the Styx. There are several types of healing offered in these small shops, the most common being: uniform amounts of hit points, the ability to spawn healing items on death, and increased healing when entering a new room.


Hades: Guide to Healing

Charon, boatman of the Styx, sometimes sells tacos that are healing and accompanied by fries. Do not ask. Buying it for 50 Obol allows you to recover a percentage of your health once purchased. There are purchasable upgrades that make breakable jars also have a chance to drop healing tacos, though these only regenerate ten health points per meal.

Centaur Hearts

Hades: Guide to Healing

Centaur Hearts will permanently increase your health by 25 and heal you by the same amount. You can find them as room rewards or buy them from Charon.


Whenever you visit Dead King Sisyphus, you have the chance to receive healing items after your conversation is over.

fountains of healing

Hades: Guide to Healing

Initially, the only healing fountain you'll find sitting in the room right after a boss fight. These heal you for 50% of your maximum. By visiting the house contractor, you will eventually be able to add healing well rooms to each level of the Underworld, although these are expensive and not guaranteed to appear.

Dark Regeneration or Chthonic Vitality (requires upgrade)

Hades: Guide to Healing

The Mirror of Night offers two healing abilities. You will only have access to one of them, Dark Regeneration, at the start of the game. This initial power grants you up to 3 health each time you enter a new room, regardless of the hazards in the room or lack thereof.

Once you spend 300 Darkness at the Mirror you will unlock a special conversation with Nyx in the House of Hades and she will unlock a second set of upgrades.

Chthonic Vitality is the alternative to Dark Regeneration and gives you the ability to heal yourself whenever you pick up Dark Crystals. You can upgrade the power to restore up to 60% of the Dark's value in health. In other words, recover a crystal of 10 darkness, recover six hit points, and so on.

HydraLite Or

In Elysium, you have a small chance of running into an NPC named Patroclus. One of the items it offers is Hydralite Gold, which restores 30% of your health each time you enter a new chamber, up to five total chambers visited.

Benefits granted by God

Many boons from the gods give you ways to regain health or increase the effectiveness of your Death Challenge.

Hellish Treasures

On the same platform that you find Charon Wells, you might come across a large treasure chest. Using these infernal treasures activates a time trial. You will have to kill all the enemies that appear, and the faster you do it, the higher the Trove reward. A reward can be up to 150 hit points, although you'll probably get around 100 at best.

Death Challenge

This MIrror of Night ability instantly revives you with 50% base health when your HP reaches zero, up to three times when fully leveled. There are ways to restore Death Defiance uses throughout a run, whether in stores, Patroclus, or through divine blessings.

That's it for all the ways to heal in Hades, as you can see there are many methods.. provided you know what they are. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our other Hades guides here on GameSkinny.

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