Hay Day Content Author Codes

There Day is a mobile game in which you must take charge of a farm, administering it and managing each and every one of the precise processes so that it grows exactly the same and is one of the best farms in the world. There Day. In this game we will simulate the management of a farm, having to cultivate, harvest, raise animals, fish and build the necessary buildings or structures for the operation of exactly the same.

Being such a popular game, it has countless Hay Day content creators that day by day share tips and advice about the game, in addition to this try new updates, events and much more. For this, Supercell gives them the range of content creator of There Day with which he also shares a hay day author code so that they share it with their audience and then they use it in the game.

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Hay Day Content Author Codes

Hay Day Content Author Codes

There are countless Hay Day content authors currently scattered in different parts of the planet. Author codes give a benefit not only to the users who use them, but rather also to the creators themselves, so making use of these codes favors more than one person, so don't hesitate and start using the Hay Day author codes.

these are true Hay Day content author codes What can we share with you:

  • SyromerB: SyromerB
  • Hay Day Espanol: Tony
  • PhoebePhoebe
  • GizmoSpike: Gizmo

Supercell give each content creator a very small percentage but in the end it could be great if many users support it. To use these codes we simply have to enter the store and look for the section that states “Which content author do you support?” and put the code of the author that we want to support.

in a game with over a hundred million users worldwide, the competition is very high to have the best farm of each and every one, so the best thing you can do if you want to prosper and improve in a good way in the game is going to be view content authors on their digital platforms and apply their tips, advice and experiences to facilitate your entire process.

How to be a Hay Day content author?

For, be a content author on Hay Day we must have more than one account on a digital platform with at least more than 10000 followers or subscribers in order for Supercell to take us into account and to do so we must apply a request on the Supercell website and follow the steps indicated there. You will have to pass a review or trial period and then they will notify you if you qualify as a content author for Hay Day.

We hope this article has served you Hay Day content author codes that we have made for you. If you liked her, share it with your friends and we recommend you to check all the others Hay Day guides that we have free for you.

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