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High on life was released on December 13, 2022, a brand new very nice game to end this year in style. Squanch Games FPS (founded by Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty) is already being talked about a lot on social networks. 

Indeed, the game of the American studio is placed in a completely barred universe, with (really) wacky situations and the "Rick and Morty" atmosphere is very much felt. And surprises are absolutely everywhere! 


An entire movie in High On Life?

It's an addition that would have been impossible a few years ago, given the weight that an entire film can generate in a video game. But the studio behind High on life created a bit of a social media buzz when players noticed what was happening on the living room screen.

Can't believe they put the entire movie and that I'm gonna watch it ?

And Denis Richard ?

High on Life is a Masterpiece ?#XboxGamePass #highonlifegame pic.twitter.com/KxZQWXkqPf

— JAP (@JapanQC) December 13, 2022

 In the very first section of the game, when you come back to your house, you see a movie on the TV with real actors. And this is not a fake, but a real movie titled Tammy and the T-Rex, directed by Stewart Raffil and which dates from 1994. 

Tammy and the T-Rex stage Denise Richards and Paul Walker in one of their first roles, and the synopsis is as follows: an evil scientist implants the brain of a murdered student in a T-Rex animatronic.

The movie is obviously a complete jerk, but it may well cost you 2 hours of gameplay if you get stuck in front of the TV at the time. This little easter egg surprised all players who weren't expecting to watch a movie when they started the game.

High on life is full of surprises and similar situations, so if you want to get it, it is already available in the Xbox Game Pass !

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