Hogwarts Legacy: a new 30-minute gameplay trailer

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Before the official release of Hogwarts legacy, we continue to learn more about the universe proposed in this next RPG highly anticipated by fans of the saga!

A new Gameplay video is available where we find Griffon backpacking, fighting in an arena or even alchemy.


New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer 

It's that Wednesday 14 December a 34-minute, 19-second gameplay trailer is already available on the official Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel, featuring unforgivable spells, broomstick flying, and arena battles.

We will see flight on a broom, this broom which is elsewhere customizable at will in a store specializing in the game. 

For those who are afraid to ride a broomstick, a mythical animal from Harry Potter will also be available the Onyx Hippogriff which will be the pre-order bonus of the game. You can alternate between flying on a broomstick and flying on a backpack. d'Hippogriffe.

You will also find scenes of fights with the use of unforgivable spells like the'Open Kedavra in an arena against monsters and dark mages. You will use ancient magic, spells offensive et defensive. You will also have talents to improve your skills.

All this commented by Chandler Wood le Community Manager d'Avalanche Software, Ben Snow a member of the community, Alan Tew le Ddirector Game as well as the systems designer: Mekenzy Toner. 

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